What you can do:

  • Sponsor or participate in a roadside or stream cleanup in your neighborhood.
  • Organize a storm drain stenciling project to help educate your neighbors.
  • Inspect and maintain your septic system properly to prevent leaks and overflows.
  • Report illicit discharges (stormwater pollution) to your local municipality or Soil & Water Conservation District. 
  • Attend public meetings to learn more about stormwater pollution.
  • Plant a rain garden to reduce runoff.
  • Utilize rain barrels to water your landscaping. 
  • Utilize covered dumspter and put trash and recycling bins out in the morning versus at night to help minimize trash from blowing in the wind. 

Please click on the brochures below to discover additional practices that you can implement in your everyday life to help reduce stormwater pollution in your neighborhood.     


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